Method & Craftsmanship

My approach to making furniture is from the perspective of the 18th century, and I work hard to capture that spirit in every piece of furniture I make. The process starts with the lumber, and I use the same wide and carefully matched lumber and construction techniques as my 18th century counterparts. They knew what they were doing.

I do have some advantages such as the use of power equipment to prepare furniture parts for assembly but handwork is a critical component in creating this type of furniture. I always use hand tools in the latter stages of construction and finishing. I do not use modern duplication technology. I make every piece in its entirety and my dated label is placed on each piece.

As the name implies, the finishing process brings all the elements together to create a fine piece of furniture. I work carefully with the wood so that it can be showcased in the final product and with it’s inherent color to achieve a warm and beautiful finish. I do not physically distress furniture. My objective is to produce a piece which looks as if it were just completed by an 18th century craftsman.

All furniture is made to order and the customer has input into the final product as to type of wood, design, finish and hardware.