Information on Beds

The height to the top of the mattress from the floor usually ranges from 27 inches for low post beds to 30 inches for tall post beds. Adjustment to a mattress height can be made at no additional cost. Tall posts are 87 inches high not including the finial which is 5 inches tall. Posts can be made shorter at no cost. Taller posts usually require a small additional charge.

Mattress sets range in thickness from 16 inches to 24 inches. In order to place the mattress at the correct height I must know the box spring thickness and the combined thickness of the box spring and mattress to be used. The mattress set is supported on iron brackets which are attached to the inside of the rails. In addition, queen and king size beds have a center support. Slats are not used.

Flat tester frames are available for all tall posts beds. Prices are as follows: twin -$200, full- $225, queen- $275 and king- $375. Finials are included at no extra cost.

The bolted mortise and tenon construction which is used on my beds makes a frame which is extremely sturdy and which will never fail. Since the bed can be completely disassembled, it can easily be carried up the most difficult stairway. One person can assemble a bed in about 30 minutes but it is helpful to have another person to assist. Complete assembly instructions are included.